My wonderful clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the nice things they’ve said about me and my personal training:

“Viveca is a trainer who cares about your mind and body. She personalizes every workout to your ability and needs. She truly cares about making you stronger and healthier. The great variety of equipment allows for a never ending combination of exercises, and she is always researching and trying new things.”

~~Stephanie W.

Viveca is the best trainer.  I look forward to coming every week. She encouraging and makes you feel good about yourself. The workouts are different every time and wants to see you succeed. I highly recommend her. Thanks for all you do!

~~Mary C.

“Outstanding!  Exercise had always been a bore, and I couldn’t get motivated. Now, in just 6 weeks I’ve seen a change in my measurements and, even more importantly, a change in the way I feel. No more tired all the time.  And my balance, which had always been a bit of a challenge, has improved. Even my friends have noticed. And, to top it off, Viveca is a joy to work with. She makes the time fly by. I actually look forward to our time together.”

~~Joan G.

“I have been working out in gyms since 1980 and have had many trainers. Most of them have been men. I’ve found that men tend to overtrain and cause more injuries.

Viveca, however, listened when I described the injuries I’ve had, and I’ve been able to get in shape and lose weight.

She has many different types of equipment and exercises available for a total body workout. I look forward to continuing to working with her.”
~~Linda S.

“I have never liked going to Gym and working out UNTIL I started training with Viveca.
She is amazing! With a positive can do attitude, a wealth of experience working with men and women of “golden” years and the knowledge and training to put it altogether, her wonderful one-on one supportive training programs are perfect!

With Viveca it is all about you, your goals, and how to get you to point A from point B. After just one month I am back into clothes I have not been able to wear for two years and feel like I am 20 years younger!

We have all heard as we age, overall fitness, balance, strength and flexibility are vital to our overall health. So together, that’s what we work on for me. She teaches me how to easily strengthen my body when we are not working out. And at my age, believe me, its never to late to learn new tools to stay healthy well into my golden years!”
Thank you Viveca for giving me back the gift of health!”

~~T Suits

“I have worked with many trainers over the years. Viveca was such a professional, always very supportive. I loved working with Viveca. I am back in New York but I will miss Viveca.”

~~Helen Frost

“I have been working with trainers for the past 2 years and finally met Viveca–what a blessing! She is so fun and sweet, and a real joy to be with. She understands my needs and limitations and knows what is right for me. I suffer from joint pain, and Viveca knows how to push me without hurting me. My muscle tone is improving, and I am stronger and healthier than ever. She also understands a lot about nutrition and has given me some great advice. Viveca is positive and encouraging. I always feel great after having a session with her.”

~~Crystal Bowman

“I have always enjoyed going to the gym. This is my first experience with a personal trainer and did I get lucky finding Viveca or Viveca finding me. She knows her stuff and gently nudges me towards higher goals. I have seen a transformation in myself in just the few months that I have been training with her. I so look forward to our sessions.”


“I’ve known Viveca for almost two years and she is always positive and energetic. The time goes so fast because she is so much fun to be around :)”

~~Julie Rogers

“Viveca is my mentor. Without her guidance & support I would not feel this good. She’s the best.”

~~Leslye R.

“It’s amazing how much I perspire during and after my workout with Viveca. I have developed muscles in places that I didn’t think I could develop them. Viveca is a dedicated, knowledgeable and a fun trainer, and I really enjoy working out with her. I would recommend her to anybody, young and old, who would like to work with a professional who knows how to motivate.”

~~Sandy P.

“I started with Viveca four moths ago. I can’t believe the transformation of my body and outlook. Being able to actually achieve visible results within just a matter of weeks is astounding.

Training with Viveca has ot onlyl been painless but i look forward to my workouts. Results have been achieved with strength endurance and muscle definition. I love it that people comment!”

~~Alexandra Scott

“I have been training with Viveca since May 2012. She is very professional and dedicated.  Viveca pushes me and at the same time, listens to how I feel and how my body reacts in each workout.

She also talks to me about nutrition and eating plans and as a result, I have changed to healthier habits.

Viveca is really a happy, upbeat person. I hope to work with her a long time. She helps not only to improve your body but also your attitude.”

~~Peggy, Palm Beach Gardens

“I started working with Viveca in January of 2012. I did not really exercise, but rode a stationary bike once in a while. Under Viveca’s guidance, I am now “working out”. She is patient & knows how to motivate a person that does not enjoy excersizing. It is so helpful to see her smiling face each time I train with her. Viveca is the perfect trainer for a 65 year old woman who has never had a trainer and actually makes working out enjoyable! Thank you Viveca.”

~~Robin Rance

“In the past 30 years, I have worked with many different fitness trainers for inspiration and guidance. It is with these past experiences with other qualified trainers both independent and associated with gyms, that I can say without a doubt that Viveca is at the top of the list.

Not only is she professional and well qualified, she maintains a high level of certification on different levels of fitness. Being up to date with certifications and attending up to date classes and seminars are very important qualities to me. I found that she has a superior sense of assigning the most appropriate work out for each of her client’s abilities and needs. It is also important to note that she is an excellent listener when discussing work out goals as well as the likes and dislikes regarding the client’s workout preferences and schedule.

During the actual workout with Viveca, she maintains a constant attention to her client and the activity being preformed. Working with her has been a very positive direction for my personal fitness goals.”

~~Toby Brown

“In April 2011 I joined a gym after a lifetime of no exercise at all. I immediately started training with Viveca three days a week. In the one year period that I worked with her, I lost 60 pounds and 62.75 inches. I will throw in that I am under 5 feet tall and over 60 years old so you can see that I was a chubby little chickey.

I am now healthy and fit. In the beginning, the entire process was foreign to me but I did come to actually enjoy it and would occasionally do more work on my own after I was finished with Viveca.

She is the consummate health advocate whether it be exercise or nutrition and is an absolute pleasure to work with. But that is not to say that she doesn’t push you, because she does, however, not boot camp-style. Every time I got comfortable with what I was doing, she encouraged me to go one more step. Well those little steps really add up and I am amazed at what I can do now compared to what I could do then. If you want to see results in your body, I sincerely encourage you to train with Viveca.”

~~Ingrid Baker

“Viveca is a dedicated fitness professional. When I started working with her she did an assessment to discover my fitness level and goals. It was a pleasure working with her because her enthusiasm for health and fitness shines through everything she shared with me during our sessions. I encourage anyone who wants results and a positive inspiration to work with Viveca on a regular basis.”

~~Jann Griffiths, MS, CMT