Viveca Park, Personal Trainer

Viveca has been a NFPT certified personal trainer since 2010.  She specializes in personal training for women, baby boomers and the active aging. She is also an ACE Senior Fitness Specialist and a FAI Functional Aging Specialist.  She has been certified in many Silver Sneakers modalities.

In addition to training clients in her private Palm Beach Gardens studio, she also trains clients in other locations such as the client’s home or community gym.

She is also certified as a water aerobics instructor.  If the client prefers, or if the client has physical limitations which makes exercise difficult, the client can have their personal training as a water workout.

Because aging gracefully and staying independent for years to come  is important, in addition to strength training, she also helps her clients by working on their balance, flexibility, mobility and functional fitness.

All training sessions are completely customized according to the client’s capabilities and preferences.